Snags and Smells

It’s been a few days now, though I didn’t intend to leave this space for that long.

Much like novel-writing I never really intended to leave at all.

But I’m beginning to realize that although I have been writing steadily, part of me checked out of writing recently.

I don’t have much sense of smell, and I wonder if that’s part of my lacking perceptive skills in general. Only the strongest feelings break through to my innermost thoughts. That could explain why I get so dramatic when things start to change.

See, the book I was trying to expand doesn’t feel like its working. Especially after the point where I stopped working on it before the lengthy break I took when I thought the first novella was done. Maybe it was really a novella after all?

Anyway, I am setting that book aside for now. But I’m not ready to pack it in. Hopefully it will be a long time before I do that, but I need to recapture my ambition to keep getting better. I feel like I’ve been missing the enjoyment of the process as well.

It’s time to play the writing game.

Have a good day everyone!


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