Scourge and Minister

I will paraphrase Hamlet: To edit a book, one must be both scourge and minister to the story.

I am not currently in process with editing, but the quote came to mind because of the story I am brainstorming. I am waiting to hear back on what I should fix in two other books I’ve sent out to different readers.

Guess maybe I may have an excuse for why I haven’t gotten that much done, with the main thing I’d like to be working on out with readers.

In any case, I really need to focus on my health. I’m a big guy, and I’m heavy. I’m always gonna be big, but I don’t need to be so heavy. Chemically speaking, I think my feeling of a lacking productivity is partially due to weighing so much. I already have depressive tendencies, but with as many junk chemicals in me as I have, it makes sense that I lack energy for creativity. So I’m working on that.

I am still pretty tired from sleeping in after an early alarm. Now its time to say goodbye for the day. Have a good day, folks!


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