The Way and the War

I now have two favorite books on artistic energy. The one I discovered first is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The second is the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. These books are very different, but actually describe the pursuit of art from a similar perspective, that of a greater universal power that makes the action possible.

I’ve probably discussed both of these before, but I’m on a rereading kick as far as these types of book go. Please, bear with me.

Cameron’s book is a course of sorts, as it is broken down into ‘weeks’ instead of ‘chapters’. I will admit, I find this to be a challenging class. One I can say I have dropped multiple times. There are great ideas in this book. Amazing thoughts, and inspirational exercises. I’m too clumsy with a pencil to write morning pages like Cameron suggests as the core exercise, and that has hurt my attendance quite a bit. Soon I want to try this book again. I will, however, be doing the mandatory writing the same place I write these blog posts. In a scrivener file on my computer.

As far as Pressfield goes, The Wart of Art is far shorter than The Artist’s Way. Pressfield focuses on individual aspects of the resistance which plagues all artists, as well as solutions to that resistance. I find his writing style very engaging. I like that his book is tiny, and yet feels like nothing is missing. In a way, The Way of Art is like the solution to my podcast addiction. I say this, because the book takes so little time to read, it can only distract me so much each time I revisit it.

These are both fine books. Both have a spiritual bent to them, and that is perfect for me. Even if you don’t believe in a god or higher power I would still recommend them. These two authors may have hit on their particular methods through their own perspectives, but that doesn’t change the truth of their teaching.

I am preparing for a writing binge to try tomorrow. Wish me luck, because I will need it.

Now its off to outline, to brainstorm, to develop characters.

Have a good day everyone!


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