Minor Damage

I remembered something that bothered me today. This is normal, but as I thought of this particular case, I realized some things about it.

First of all, the situation: Last year I was at a convention chatting with some folks about worlds and stories. I will admit I got carried away talking about one of my settings, as I do, but the group I was hanging out with seemed to be enjoying it. That setting was the one I wrote my novel in last year, and I was some 80,000 words into the story.

This well-meaning group of other storytellers invited over another member, who I didn’t know. This person, who will go undetailed, because this isn’t supposed to be personal, came over and I, in my excitement to talk about my setting started going into it again.

Of course, this person was not having any of it, probably bored by setting details without focus on characters. This person asked me about the story, which I had not been talking about, then proceeded to school me, or so I assume the person thought, with a discussion of what made the person excited about a STORY.

I was a bit put out. But I kept my cool, despite my annoyance. However, I did not get a chance to articulate what I think the problem was with this person’s approach. That is, the person thought I was missing the point of storytelling, when the person was missing the point of shooting the shit about worlds.

I’m assuming this person has not thought about the discussion since it happened. Of course, I have, but I have too much time to think, and I was upset.

What I hit on today was the idea that this is the reason people need to be forgiven for their thoughtlessness. I am not a personally secure enough person to have forgiven this person. But I know that I should. After all, if as I suspect, this person has not thought about what was said since the event, I should put it behind me as well.

Arrogance bothers me. I have my own struggles with that particular vice. Arrogant people who don’t realize the irritation, the minor damage, done by their words and actions obviously have unpleasant effect on me. I thought over this encounter for so long because it bothered me.

Perhaps its true that people who are not bothered by something, won’t think about it.

Oh well.

This post is going nowhere fast. I only wanted to discuss this because I couldn’t get it out of my head. Over six months later, and I’m still annoyed when I think about it. Maybe I take other peoples’ advice too seriously. I definitely take advice given in ignorance more seriously than I should.

Advice given in ignorance is worthless advice.

And arrogance is ignorance’s friend.

I’d better get off this soapbox right now.

Have a good day, everyone.


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