Another Oddity

My fiction style is still growing. I know it, but I still despair of ever becoming really good at it. What is ‘really’ good, though?

Well, in this case, the word ‘really’ is a descriptor that does not help distinguish the nature of the word it is attempting to describe. In short, the word is as useless as the worry it represents.

There is no magic stamp that marks work as ‘good’. Works I don’t like can be amazingly successful in some way. Work I like may never approach the level of success work I think is less-deserving may find.

Even so, as I edit this novella for re-release on Amazon I am beginning to think the issues with it run deep. That isn’t altogether unexpected, as its a fairly old story of mine. The voice of the main character strikes me as off-putting. I think I can fix this, but the story may take longer to rework than I expected.

Oh well. More time with this work will make the product better. That provides me with hope.

Have a good day everyone!


One thought on “Another Oddity

  1. Hi Tim. It’s absolutely possible to take a (fairly) objective view of where you are as a writer and then set out to reach the mastery you seek. All the best the revision, hope the novella does really well! 🙂 – Radhika

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