I will not save
Your world
– Coheed and Cambria, The Willing Well

The above quote is from the enormous song that ends the third Coheed and Cambria album. Besides this being an amazing album of heavy rock, I do have a point in posting it. Music can just be noise if one is not adapted to listening to that particular genre. Me, I prefer more substantial (And obvious) sounds in music because I have crass senses.

Anyway, I think this applies to writing because, though I am still learning, I have begun being as obvious and well defined as possible in fiction. Some literati praise ambiguity in fiction, practically deifying writers like Falkner in “As I Lay Dying”. For those not familiar with that novel, it features a character who is not explicitly psychic, but whose point of view involves knowing what is in other characters’ thoughts. That kind of ambiguity is considered sloppy in most genre fiction.

I have tried, and admittedly I’m not as skilled as Falkner, but being ambiguous intentionally is courting disaster. The whole book can end up as noise rather the music.

I am still working on making myself understood, and it can be frustrating.

Oh well, I’m gonna get to work now. Have a good day everybody!


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