Savage Again

I am looking at the savage worlds core book again. Gonna build my next in-person RPG Campaign in a post-apocalyptic world using these rules.

Requirement: Be able to use both my chaos space marine and daemon army and the minis from the Conan board game kickstarter when those arrive.

Already I’m looking at an everything and the kitchen-sink setting with that one requirement.

Naturally I want to make the world based on Earth, but maybe not. I mean, how far future is this? One of the PCs made for this game wears powered armor that doesn’t work fully at start, so I know that much.


This brainstorming process for the world keeps making me think everything is gonna involve some kind of multidimensional rift in its most obvious form, but maybe that isn’t necessary. I’d rather not go there, actually.

Hmm – But maybe. Maybe I could even do a post-apocalyptic version of an existing setting, like maybe the Legends of Gatewood Hall Mythos wherein death is only the beginning. I kinda like that idea, but I’m sure if means little to you readers because the Gatewood Hall story is still pending a major rework and I have not discussed that novel in quite some time.

Anyway, Savage World looks like it could work with that. So I’m gonna try to work with it. And the world won’t have to be Earth, but could be an external universe where dead souls are reborn before they can pass on to the next greater afterlife. People and creatures from multiple dimensions are reborn in this reality and contend with creatures the likes of which they know nothing about. All that is possible in the Gatewood Hall setting.

Yes, yes. I like this.

I’m off to work on this for now. Gonna get some fiction editing in later. Have a good day everyone!


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