Clocks and timers stress me. I don’t like the feeling I get that I have achieved nothing when I look at what I’ve done on a day like today.

If I look back in a mood like this, everything looks rotten for the past few years.

I guess I’m a bit down, but maybe this is what happens when I consider that after writing around 10 novel-length works I have yet to muster the editing to finish any of them completely. That makes me feel slow, and feel like time is passing too fast. I think today is the day to seize the cycle and change its course.

I want to finish work, not just draft it.

Is that too much to ask of my attitude? Maybe it is, when I have wild swings of temper like I have been lately. Besides that, I’ve also had way too many angry dreams during recent sleeps.

I just hope things will look up.

Have a good day everyone.


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