The Wrong Tree

I don’t know a whole lot about writing, or anything really. There. Admitted. Done.

However, I feel like I learn a lot about the main things I care about most days. The problem is that often what I have been learning is off-target. Barking up the wrong tree.

And at times, I have learned the wrong lessons altogether.

I don’t think my failures at learning are uncommon. I just notice them a lot because I have nothing else to do with my days if I’m not working.

Rather than keeping “Trying to solve my problem with writing” as my goal, I am changing to “Enjoy my process more”.

I’ve tried outlining more. Well, I don’t think more outlining is what I needed. More of the right kind of outlining, yes, but not more outlining.

Anyway, I have small outlines to make, and writing to enjoy. Have a nice day.


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