The Return of Joy?

Thinking about joy in writing analytically didn’t get me very far for a while. A few days ago that thinking paid off with a breakthrough that resulted in me identifying a common element in across all the books I’ve completed in first draft.

That trait was the high concept in the form of a central premise that inspires me. That premise is combination of world and character and/or story structure. I actually like stories that have similarities to existing stories, and I find them easier to write all the way to the end.

I then brainstormed a new story using the combination of existing stories by other people and my own concepts as a basis. This has resulted in a concept sequel to one of my novel drafts, incidentally the one I am still editing at the moment. I am writing that book as of yesterday where I kicked things off with solid three thousand words that I very much enjoyed writing.

The funny thing is, I feel as though this book has been waiting for me for a LONG time. Why? Two reasons.
1. It’s a sequel to my personal favorite of the books I’ve written.
2. I’m combining the characters and world from my favorite book with the core story ideas from the novel that I despised so much that it got me writing fiction for the first time back in high school.

I don’t want to say what book inspired my initial writing career on this blog, because I don’t like complaining about other writers anymore. However, the joy I get from finally getting a shot at doing the elements I liked better and in my own way is driving me forward.

Thanks for reading! Now its time for me to get in some writing.

Have a good day everybody!


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