Self Examination #422

Today I spent most of the morning playing Hearthstone. This is a problem. Writing must get done, but I guess I’m no longer a morning person. Oh well. My whole process is in upheaval, that’s all. Confound it.

I’m definitely spinning my wheels a bit. But at least the weather is nice enough to allow me to type this on front porch, rather than nestled completely in doors.

The book in question is, once again, Temple Theater, from last years National Novel Writing Month. I will not take until October 31st to finish this story, like I did with the last NaNo book. I am still editing a little book called White Curtain as well. It’s the old book I always get nostalgic about when I bemoan my lack of productivity lately.

I think one reason I loved writing that book so much has to be the fact that I always found a way to do whatever I wanted at any given moment of the story. In that way it is nearly fan fiction.

These two books are both fantasy and would fit well in a catalog together, as is the eventual plan.

Writing this is making me more excited to write and edit. But I have one other major change going forward.

That change is the understanding that 5000 words a day is not required. Half that number every day is enough for now. I think struggling to write 5k every day has not been helpful to my process, which I am still redefining. I’d rather grab a more manageable number of words and process things a bit more.

Time for work. Away I go, and thank you for reading.


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