I guess its inevitable that I focus on something outside myself and my work on this blog.

My grandparents were recently moved into an old folks home. Funds to pay for their residence comes from the government when they have no assets left, including property. As a result I may never again set foot inside their old house, where I spent time every Christmas. It’s an odd feeling.

Obviously this is a lot worse for them than for me, but I feel pretty sorry for them. Living in an old folks’ home sounds like it doesn’t suit them, but what other option is there?

Everyone gets old. I’m still young, and its one of my ambitions to live a long life. Even so, getting old scares me.

And it is inevitable if one sticks around on the Earth long enough.

As scared as I am of growing old, I think the alternatives sound worse. Alternatives. Plural. Sure, premature death is possible, so that’s one. Being crippled would be lousy too. The last one is less likely and definitely speculative, but semi-possible in this day and age. Human life-extension.

I don’t think immortality is possible in the physical world. Indefinite lifespans MAY be possible, but those who think creating a copy of themselves in a robot body is the same as living forever need a reality check in my opinion. Unless one is able to actually TRANSFER consciousness rather than creating a copy and deleting the original, then result is death for the one who wished to live forever.

Society might benefit or suffer from your personality being around longer, but the subject’s initial point of view is dead. The ONLY one who will suffer death is the original. There will be a clone left over, even if indistinguishable from the original, one person will be able to tell the difference. The dead original person.

Can you imagine how terrible wars will be when they are fought by mental clones? Robotic copies of the most lethal warriors, clashing with parity copies, or worse, slaughtering ordinary people.

This is science fiction, for the moment. I hope it remains that way. Part of me seriously hopes its not inevitable.

I’m not trying to scaremonger. These are just things that I think about.

Be brave. Thanks for reading.

And, as the drink machine of the Heart of Gold said, share and enjoy.


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