Core Fragments

I’ve been sick for the past week, but I’m back, at least for now.

The sickness actually had been writing a bit more than I usually do on a few days. However, that has slackened off as I have recovered. I think I’m just too used to not writing, or writing a little and stopping for the day. I have the time, and the desire, but my habits don’t support writing a lot.

Time for some new habits.

Overall, I have recovered pretty well. Being sick is no fun, but when it happens it happens, just like anything else.

Currently I am back to looking at finishing my fantasy novel, Temple Theater. So far, I’ve been stuck on this book for over four months. Not exactly a good situation to be in when I was originally trying to finish the whole book in one month. I guess I lost track of the core of the story. Having two point of view characters is tricky. I need to reconnect with the one character I started as primary. The second one is fine, but is less than half the story so far.

The core of the story is more than just the character. It’s about attitude, tone, level of conflict.

What is the core of this story?

I need to work that out yet. Guess I know what I am doing now that this post is finished.

Thanks for reading, everyone.


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