Sunday, May 3rd

Haven’t been thinking about blogging much lately. Been too busy being sick until a few days ago. Then yesterday I got busy writing in a big way. Over the course of a couple days I have buried myself in a new novel, and I have a short story I’m working on the side.

I’m feeling inspired to say the least.

I just recently finished a big draft of a novel I hope to author publish in ebook this summer. I’ve had this book for almost 7 years now. That’s too long to hold onto a book, but a lot has changed since I wrote this thing. And I think the book is still good. That alone is pretty remarkable. The work of writing rough draft is actually more difficult for me now then editing. That may be a good sign, because I have a lot of editing to do on the books I’ve let lie for so long if I want to start serious author publishing.

And I do want that. I definitely do.

Thanks for reading. I am off to write more, because the feelings of achievement and discovering story are addictive.


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