Monday, May 4th

Hello again, and good day.

I am excited to be up and writing today. Don’t know what has changed precisely that put me back on the strong path of writing, but I hope I’m lodged here for some time.

Earlier bed times and wake-up times may have contributed.

Reading a bunch definitely had a big effect in the right way.

And then there’s the freedom factory. I broke from my older projects to work on a newer story. And I will go back once I’m more solidly entrenched in good practices for writing fiction. I’m still going to be editing and I plan some releases later this year. But all in all, I am just happy to be writing for myself and exploring a new universe.

The simple joy factor is hard to deny when it comes to the fact that this latest book is science fiction with supernatural and fantastic elements. That is a combination that always excites me.

The weather is wonderful this spring, though I once read never to talk about the weather. Sometimes the warnings don’t matter. Sometimes what people tell you just isn’t relevant to what you believe. When the weather is this much improved I think its worth chatting about, however briefly.

What do they naysayers know? When creativity is at hand things change. Assumptions have to go out the window.

Freedom and creativity go together.

And I am living between those two right now.

Thanks for reading, folks. Have a good day!


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