Relaxed and Reading

Yesterday I talked about letting go of the struggle, or at least loosening my grip on the tasks before me.

I finished reading a novel last night, binging over 100 nook pages in the process.

That alone has made me very pleased with myself. I’ve been reading too slowly lately. Tonight I plan to read a whole bunch once again. Reading is a very important part of the writing process, but more importantly I always have fun reading.

That said, I want to try to write something before I get to the reading. When I’m done writing for the day I can go all out on this wonderful Kameron Hurley book I am already halfway through. So I’m introducing a new feature, one that won’t involve much extra work for me. Recent books. It’ll look like this:

Recent Books
Recently Finished
-The Blade Itself (Joe Abercrombie) – Amazing! Characters and voice are brilliant. I love the big world.
-Empire of Bones (Terry Mixon) – Really good! Light on description, and not in a bad way. Definitely opens a can of worms for a series.
Still Reading
-The Guns of Avalon (Roger Zelazny) – On my Nook
-Before they Are Hanged (Joe Abercombie) – On my Cell Phone
-God’s War (Kameron Hurley) – Good old fashioned Hard Copy

So the ‘Still Reading’ list will have the medium I am reading the book in on it as well.

You won’t see this future on every post (In part because it probably won’t change every day), but I’m having fun reading so I figured I would share a little of what I’m into. Also, you’ll probably notice I’m more excitable than critical with most of these books. That’s just how I am these days.

Have a goood one, everybody. Thanks for reading.


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