Critical Mutants (And Masterminds)

Warning: Nerdiness levels detected in excess of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Proceed at your own risk.

I put off my hour of writing for the day from this morning, and have gotten a bit annoyed with myself as a result.

What did I do this morning instead?

Well, I went back to the one video game reviewer I trust implicitly, ‘Yahtzee’ over at Zero Punctuation. Got a few good laughs, and a bit of a brain patch that had me thinking a bit like the voice he uses in those videos. I may not always agree with Yahtzee’s opinion of specific games, but I can always trust that he’s being honest, if a bit over the top.

Also, I thought about Mutants and Masterminds, a super-hero roleplaying game by Green Ronin, descended from the mechanics of third edition Dungeons and Dragons.

During most of college I ran and designed stuff for Mutants and Masterminds near-exclusively. Those games were fun, but over time I gave up the RPG as a means of thinking about world building because even its freeform character creation began to feel too restrictive. Today, however, I thought back to how much fun designing those crazy worlds and games for Mutants and Masterminds was for me. Perhaps I’ll get back into the design elements of that, if I can use that as a way to cut down the amount of time I spend playing Hearthstone (AKA the online CCG from Hell).

Anyway, I’m off for the day. I gotta get the writing in sometime. And besides, I have superheroics to ponder.

Thanks for reading.


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