Universes (And characters) Collide

I am combining two of my worlds once again. Both those settings and their stories are currently on the back-burner, so I this post is actually about trying to get my characters in the current book to engage each other more directly.

Part of the problem with this story was that I started with a very visceral story idea that would be physically rough on the characters, often in a lethal sense. Then I put everyone in mecha. I like mecha. I like the story I’m telling. But I need to weaken the main character’s position.

The fire of the project is there, but I want to play up the characters more. I need to, or I may lose the immediate enthusiasm for this project. The solution isn’t to think things through more carefully. The solution is to get down there within my own, id (If you’ll pardon the Freud-ism). This story was supposed to be fun and race along. It’s become something else in the last 20,000+ words. But I am going to get back to the initial urge that the roots of this story grew from.

This draft starts with a grim epigraph. I want grim. I want to go dark and make things tough for the protagonist. It’s been a long time since I really let myself sink into the darkness of a story. Perhaps I never have. However, I think the time has come.

Thanks for reading this rambling. I needed to work this stuff out, being that I’ve been stuck for some time. Have a good day, everyone.


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