Far, Far Better…

This post is more or less a continuation of yesterday’s rambling about being stuck on this book. However, the more I think back to my time in college and the time before that, the more I wonder when or if my attitude toward writing shifted.

As a first year student, and through the summer after that, I wrote a good amount of words. More importantly, I wrote and created ideas with reckless abandon. This was where a lot of my current ideas originated. It is possible, I was at my most creative then. I still suffer from creative ADD, but I’m definitely less productive than I was back then.

I remember pretty distinctly, a friend I made as a first year told me I needed to relax. He definitely implied it was okay to slow down. I think I’ve internalized that implication, whether he intended it or not. I definitely slowed down after my first year of college. And for college, slowing down on my own fiction was okay. These days, there’s nothing better for me to do. So its time to get back to the grindstone as seriously as I can manage.

The truth may be that before I was convinced that writing was work I could write more often with less stress. When I had other work, it was easy to say writing wasn’t really work at all. Perhaps thats the heart of my current problem. But there are definitely a lot of factors involved. Either way, it is far, far better to write than to not write.

Thanks for reading.


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