I’ve thought things through a bit recently, and I am beginning to think that one of the key things that has me depressed about writing was that the group I was a member in fell apart a few months ago. I was submitting to that group regularly, and I definitely was sad to see it go, at the least, on hiatus.

Why was I so sad when my writing group fell apart? Deep down, the group had become a crutch for me, both emotionally, and as a writer. I wanted to rely on the group to make my stories better. I had forgotten the point was, at least in large part, to learn to be better. Now I’m beginning to get some of the things they were talking about. But I still felt crushed without the bi-weekly feedback. I need to start putting work in front of readers more, even if only trial readers.

If the above realization is true, and it certainly rings that way to me, I may be able to simply conquer this funk by engaging more readers with my work.

I hope the convention I am going to in a few days will help me refocus.

Thanks for reading.



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