4th Street Fantasy Report

Some amazing stuff went down over the weekend. And now I am exhausted from sheer lack of sleep. The place was a party of 200 writers and fans. And I enjoyed it greatly with only one hiccup of bad attitude in the middle. But when that hiccup happened, I managed to be honest and polite, and actually got cheered up by some of the other con-goers.

Panels were inspiring.

People were pleasant and interesting. And I think I fit in, at least on one of those accounts.

Yes sir, I think I will go back again next year. God willing.

Oh, and there was singing up late on Sunday (Early Monday, really). A choir of geeks and writers directly behind where I sat, celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage with beautiful voice at around 1am.

A lot of fun. Well worth what I had to pay. This year I think I went in with a better attitude, and that really paid off. Now its time to get back to fiction.

There probably won’t be as big a gap in my posting, for a few weeks at least.

Thanks for reading.


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