Announcing: Live After Writing!

As the title says, I have an announcement.

I am starting a podcast: Live After Writing.

“Live After Writing” is a podcast where each episode is recorded immediately after I finish a session of writing. The topics I cover will include the books I’m reading, the stories I’m currently writing, and my mental state while working. For a little while I will be sharing the links to the podcast here when they go up. I may also look for guests to have on once in a while, as I do enjoy a good conversation.

This podcast is not intended just for writers, but will provide content all readers should enjoy.

The podcast feed can be found at

The website with the show-notes and blog for the show, is over at I also plan to post video versions of each podcast on youtube.

Why do this? I love podcasts, and I’ve often wanted one of my own. Also, I like to talk. Writing on the blog just isn’t the same, though I enjoy it for other reasons, and plan to keep posting here.

I hope you readers are as excited about the project as I have become.

As always, thanks for reading. Tomorrow I hope to have something for you to listen to as well.

Live After Writing Image Black - 1400


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