A Beast of a Task

Lately I think my ambition has begun to grow.

Ambition for what, you may ask? Why, for what I do each day.

I am tired of simply killing time.

I have set myself a task. And this task is one that I will tackle each day. I will write for four hours each day. I will read at least half that much time, so two hours daily.

I have a plan to help myself do this, as discuss with the counselor I went to see earlier this week.

I will motivate myself in three ways.

1. I will look forward to how much the finished work will please me.
2. I will add some kind of novelty or fun to every writing session.
3. I will reward myself after each session of work. This reward can be in the form of social media or podcast production.

I think this should help get things done. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have three hours of work to go today.

Thanks for reading.

You can check out my podcast on itunes at mentalcellarpublications.com, or on youtube if you search Live After Writing.


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