Miracles or Not

Are you familiar with this Buddhist notion of Karma? What I’m talking about is not the same as the idea of reincarnation into a fitting form in your next life, as it is in some traditions. I find that kind of Karma dramatically unhelpful, for a variety of reasons, but that is not what this post is about. This post is about the notion of Karma as spiritual momentum.

In this form, Karma is similar to habituation. One continues to do what one has done before. This repetition of habit can be positive or negative, as I think should be obvious.

All of us go down paths we ought not follow. Even as we travel these dangerous or destructive routes we see ourselves change over time, but perhaps the more important changes are the ones we cannot see. Attitude and ethics are influenced by our habits, as are our sequential actions.

Why am I thinking about this today?

For all my discussion of Buddhism above, I was raised Catholic. Some of you know this, or have read it here before. I still practice some of the Christian tradition, though I disagree with the Church on many of the issues that currently dominate the media. Also, I do not see the Bible as infallible or authoritative, for the most part. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think decades of Christianity have helped me feel better spiritually and existentially, nearly as much as the last five years of learning more about other religions, like Buddhism.

But I got away from what sparked these thoughts on Karma.

I do not believe in practical physical miracles, at least, not in general. But I feel as though I need a miracle now.

I don’t need bread and fish multiplied. I don’t need a storm calmed. I don’t even need a wound healed or a sickness cured. What I feel like I need is a redirection of my personal Karma.

I am awash with bad habits, laziness, and addictions. I want to see my course corrected, but I don’t think I can do it alone. Am I flying through the habitual universe without any sort of thrusters to steer the course of this object in motion?

Though I am not sure if this plea will do me any good, I post it with the hopes that perhaps someone will be able to correct their own Karmic path by examining themselves. Perhaps I’ll even get some insight just from putting these thoughts into prose.

Thanks for reading.


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