What Goes Around

As I’ve talked about both here and on Live After Writing, I have been editing a bunch lately.

I think its the right call, because I’ve gotten stuck on every new idea I’ve developed since last November.

I have been editing for a few weeks, and as always when I work on a project, ideas for other things keep piling up. To my delight, many of these ideas are applicable to the books I’ve been stuck on in rough draft. Just the other days I sat in for part of a writer’s hangout and managed to draft over 1000 words for a book I had been VERY stuck on less than a month ago.

Edits are still top priority, but perhaps this ping-pong-ball approach to focus is just how I work. Most of my books featured breaks where I paid attention to other things in their processes. Time to embrace that, as long as I keep working on some kind of writing each day.

I don’t have a lot else to add, but if one goes with the flow of ones own nature life becomes a bit simpler. I don’t know if simpler is always easier, but part of me thinks that is likely.

Also, don’t forget about my short stories on Amazon.com if you haven’t read them yet. The urban fantasy one is called Stolen Parts, and the weird science fiction new release is called Ludosensitivity.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day.


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