I’m Alive

Sometimes I forget the title of this post. My trip out of town saw me visit my grandparents in an old folks home in Pennsylvania a few times. I love my grandparents, and seeing them in that place always hurts. I was struck by the fact that this currently the most I can hope for in fifty or sixty years: a place that drains the spirit, with no hope of escape, except through death.

The above is my depressing moment for today. However, I also know that I am not dead yet, no matter how often I forget that I am still alive and free for the time being. If I do not do what I want now, what right have I to complain when I eventually lose that ability.

Hearthstone is still leeching away my time, sometimes in great gulps of temporal blood. I get nervous about writing and editing with this much behind me on the current projects. The trip did not help this anxiety, as I got only a little editing or writing in while traveling.

I need to put aside that anxiety. I need to remember, just as we all must, that I am alive. There is freedom in every decision, even if that decision does not seem important. The chain of actions one takes develops karmic patterns that will help or hinder future activity. Time to start forming some useful karma. This post is number one on my checklist of ways to embrace good karma. I do not believe in reincarnation in the literal sense, but rebirth can happen to any person who looks for it.

I got started writing in August over a decade ago. That makes this month a fitting time to be spiritually reborn.

My writing awaits. My worlds and characters are my hope for a better future than what I face now.

If all life ends in death, that is not my concern. Right now, I am alive. I am not a big proponent of biblical truth, but one line comes to mind. “Let the dead bury the dead.” All of us who live need to continue seeking joy as best we can.

Than you for reading. I hope all of you are well.


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