Internal Voices

Lots of writers and editors talk about the unique voice of each author. From what I’ve read, many consider the voice of a story or the author to be the most important aspect when it comes to sales and success.

I think that is likely true, based on the people I have seen espouse that view online. Despite it’s importance, I’ve never placed strong emphasis on voice. Once, I decided I should simply let my voice (Also sometimes called ‘style’) develop on its own. I still think that is advisable.

However, like I imagine is true for a singing voice, an author must hear his or her own voice in order to develop it.

That brings me to the latest thing I’ve realized about myself. You see, the MP3 player I use when I exercise ran out of batteries just a few minutes into my morning walk. I walked the next forty or fifty minutes with only the sounds of the world around me, and my own voice in my head yammering incessantly.

I remembered then, how I went without music most of the time when I was young. I just did not listen to music except in the car. And I did not come to love music until I was a teenager. But over time I have listened to music (And podcasts) an increasing amount of the day. Two years ago, during NaNoWriMo I listened to podcasts a lot even while writing my story.

The point I am getting to is simple. I have stifled the development of my own voice by listening to others too much.

Yes, I have still learned a lot. But without listening to the voice within enough, its no wonder my productivity and thought processes have suffered.

I wrote this whole post with only the sound of my fingers striking the keys and the rumble of a dehumidifier in my ears. But my inner voice is speaking loud and clear.

Thanks for reading.


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