No Cure

I have been out of contact on this blog for a few days now. If you follow me on twitter you may know this is because my grandfather completed his amazing life by passing away. Most of my immediate family and I had just been back to his town and visited him less than two weeks before he passed. Two days ago the family gave him a good send-off.

There’s no cure for life. I’m grateful for the amount of my life I got to share with both this grandfather, and my mother’s father who passed away years ago. Even so, that is not why this post is called no cure.

I felt so different on this last trip. I felt like my life had meaning, purpose, a responsibility I needed to complete, no matter how simple. There is no cure for a lack of that sense of purpose. And I lack purpose too much of the time. My passions are divided between different stories, games, and stages of process. I think putting my grandpa to rest gave me a genuine mental change for the first time in quite a while.

Today I feel as though I’ve already changed back. But I know I need to return a feeling of purpose to my life. Maybe a sense of purpose will help me get more done, but if it only gives me some direction I will be happy.

Thanks for reading. Hope to communicate with all of you soon.


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