News, both Real and Imagined

I’ve been paying more attention to the news over the past few years than I ever did before. I don’t really like the news, but online sources are giving me a better viewpoint to look at things.

News reporting is interesting. Its not something I could ever do as a job, unlike what people used to suggest to me when I talked about being a writer, but it is interesting. In particular I am thinking of the real news reporters, however few of them there are out in the country these days, not the ones that dispense corporate or political propaganda and call it the news.

Along those lines, I have also been thinking about a novel I didn’t quite complete a first draft for, from a few years back. That story was set in a fantasy world with a somewhat modern level of technology, and a strange society. I really like the world of that book, almost as much as I liked it when I started writing the thing.

However, I grew to like the protagonist even more, and he was working as a news reporter in this weird fantasy city. I would like to get back to that at some point. Oh well, there is a series before me to write. Eventually I’ll branch out again.

Speaking of which, I finished another draft of the first novel in my series to be. Another draft and a polish should complete that book. Then I can release it. At last. Look forward to that later in September or early October. I’ll make some noise about it here when it comes out.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll be able to see the fruits of my long-form labors soon. Take care of yourselves.


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