Some big stuff has happened with my writing over the past week.

I’ve often bemoaned my slowness on this blog over the past few years. Last Saturday I wrote 7000 words and I have been going at a steady 2000+ ever since. I’m excited about this story. I’ll be excited to get back to the sequel to the book I last edited, the one called White Curtain. I’m happy. I’m writing.

An attitude of determination has been very helpful to assist with this excitement. Seeing a story develop so rapidly has also been great. I’m revitalized by the work. While I’ve spent a little too much time in front of the computer this past week, I am grateful for finally feeling the rush of joy with a story again.

I used the first interview in the Michael Moorcock book “Death is No Obstacle” to build a template for the story I wanted to write. Most importantly, this resulted in me choosing one important event or occurrence per chapter. I love this simple form of prework. It’s light on the mind, but it helps me keep focused.

Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging and maybe even podcasting more frequently soon. However, writing fiction comes first. I’ll keep you folks up to date on the progress I make.

Thanks for reading.

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