Rekeys and Free Short Story

Yesterday I decided to try an exercise I heard about through Mary Robinette Kowal. On Writing Excuses, Mary has mentioned at least once that she has gone back and retyped parts of books whose style she wants to emulate. I retyped three first-pages yesterday, all from first novels.

The first of those was from The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Beautiful prose that takes a long time to say anything.

The second was the first page of Storm Front (First in the Dresden Files series) by Jim Butcher. Very spare compared to Rothfuss.

The third page I typed was from God’s War by Kameron Hurley. I think I like her style best, of these three authors. Hurley has called this book a hot mess, but I love the way it works. Maybe my standards aren’t that high, but the feel I get from her work is so cool.

Anyway, I’m still writing pretty strong on this new book.

I’ve got a short story free on Amazon for the next few days. It’s called Ludosensitivity. Check it out, and thank you for reading.

Get Ludosensitivity!


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