Thoroughness and Freedom

Work continues on fiction. That’s good. I’ve uninstalled Hearthstone and kept it uninstalled. That’s good too.

As I’ve worked lately, I’ve been struggling with how thorough I have to be in editing before I put big books out. I’m fairly happy with my released short stories, but I want to up my game for the novel releases.

To that end, I’ve started using Grammarly to check over things. Turns out I’ve had some misconceptions about commas for a long time. Live and learn.

I’m also going to look for more beta readers for future projects. I need people to see my stuff, but I can’t rely on customers for that. I can’t afford an editor (Or really much of anything) for the near future, so the work is pretty much all down to me and whoever I can get to help me from among my friends.

Anyway, I have writing ahead. Editing to practice. Nothing but time, now that I don’t have Hearthstone to distract me.

Thanks for reading.


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