Scraps of Positivity

Depression is an ugly thing to handle. I am currently trying to accumulate some willpower to act when I feel down. It’s easier when I watch TV and read stories regularly. So I’m upping my media intake.

I am now past the halfway point of the current book. On the downslope, but who knows when this month I’ll finish the project. Still, if I’m done with this rough draft by November I’ll be pleased.

Other than that, I am still battling to stop my food binges from ruining my diet. Food binges also make it more difficult for me to write, because of the resulting digestion tiredness that follows each one.

Stories, words, food. That’s my life right now. I’m also in the middle of my first freelance project in quite some time. Not a bad restart to my freelance career.

I’m not feeling like a topic of any depth today. Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Scraps of Positivity

  1. good luck, I hope all goes well.. binge eating is the worst problem of mine. My friends constantly nag on me that I eat too much, and it makes me feel sick of myself. I eat so much when I come home because I never eat in the day. It’s so exhausting.

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