Learning to Edit

I have a lot to learn about almost everything. That goes double for writing fiction, because it is the thing I love to do the most. I recently watched a few TEDx talks on youtube and found they suggested a plan of attack.

Keep shaking things up.

And break down all tasks and goals into small pieces.

With my twin brother’s help I made a plan for using editing to improve my writing skills. We listed 27 techniques to improve upon in my work. Almost all of them deal with character, so that will be really good in general. I picked 18 of these to focus in on. Probably should narrow that down more.

In any case, each of these 18 techniques (I’ll do the other 9 later, before I start consciously working on them) is then further subdivided into two or more different sub-techniques. Sub techniques are all quite simple, though many could be very deep.

The goal is to spend a total of 20 hours working on each technique within further edits of older books I’ve written. Why 20 hours? One of the TEDx talks I listened to suggested 20 hours is a good amount of time to learn the stuff that makes you competent at a skill.

The total number of hours for each of the 27 techniques would be 540 hours. But I’m not gonna think about that too much. I want to practice and get better. I think editing is my greatest weak spot at the moment. The lack of it drags down the things I am better at (Ideas and rough draft production rate), so its gotta get ratcheted up.

Skills are big. I doubt these 540 hours of editing will be anything but a shallow dive into the pool of awesome. I’ve hit walls in the past week that make me think any amount of awesome would be a huge improvement over where I am now.

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day.


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