Some Simple Lessons

I learned a few things over the past week. Some of these things are writing-related. Others are not.

First of all, a simple trick to write better is to include the viewpoint character’s thoughts and feelings into every paragraph or almost every paragraph. I don’t say this because I do it, at least not yet. I say it because, as I look through published books I notice this as a basic component of most of them.

Second of all, I had a few thoughts this morning, because I spent yesterday eaten up with anger. I realized that there is no point in being angry at other people for being who they are, because we’re all stuck here together. Cliche, but I really felt it this morning on a personal level. That’s why I say I learned.

I added to the previous realization the thought that pretending to get along with people might be ineffective, but thinking as though you are okay with yourself might internally improve your positivity. I write this as a person who has difficulty staying positive.

Finally, I reached a conclusion about my sleep schedule yesterday. It ties in with my mild depression. See, I have noticed I become more and more unhappy the longer I am awake, but my positivity comes back after a good sleep. So I plan to take a big nap in the middle of each day and see how that works for a while. Such is the luxury afforded to a freelancer.

Yes, I’m shaking things up.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Some Simple Lessons

  1. Hey Tim, apropos of your sleeping habits. I too am depressive, been on medication for years now and I have found that two sleeping periods every day does help me. I tend not to sleep more than about five hours every night anyway and having the extra couple of hours during the day is really beneficial.

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