An End is a Beginning

I just completed another rough draft for a novel. It’s a short novel, but it will serve.

This is the first novel I have written to a finish for the year. By this time last year, I had done two. I got paid for one of those. It’s rough, but I think I’m getting stronger at this process.

I meet with my doctor today. It should be interesting to talk to her about my recent stoppage of taking my antidepressants. The truth is that I don’t think I could have completed this draft as quickly as I did without going off of them. My days became very flat and monotonous on them. Today, after a few weeks without those pills I feel like there are more possibilities.

And I just wrapped another story for the moment.

I am ready to start my character sketches for my NaNoWriMo project this year. Yep, I don’t have a lot of planning done. Tomorrow the writing will begin officially. Should be exciting. If I succeed at my goal of getting 70,000 in this book by the thirtieth, I will have actually accomplished the book-in-a-month goal even more fully than most writers who use this month. I’m still not sure I can do it, but I’ll be happy with what I get regardless.

At the moment, I’m psyched. I’m happy. I can’t exactly stay this way, but I can work on finding my way back to this point again and again.

Thanks for reading.


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