Fly Away

I’ve been eating just a little better lately. And I’ve started my new book and been rocketing upward in word count. This book is just for fun, really. I know the work is too convoluted and weird to be really great, but I still feel like I can fly.

I’ve also been editing a little bit on my favorite of the three most recent rough drafts, which is also the longest one. I’ve got a long way to go just for this draft, as I’m only 4 chapters into a 63 chapter book. Last chapter was a bit rough, but now I’m happier with it.

I’ve even been working on an RPG today, but hopefully in a way that won’t distract me from further writing. Hey, it was on my lunch break. I feel great though I worry I’ll crash again once I get past the opening of this book. Only time will tell if that fear is justified, but I will fight my own hesitation on my own mental beaches if I must.

The week has been wonderful so far. I love the burst of energy I get on new projects. Having started two books in three months has taught me a bunch about this early stage, aided by the fact that I actually finished the first one before starting the second this time.

With all this manic energy, I am beginning to get nervous. Here’s to me shaking off that emotion.

I hope you’re all well. Thanks for reading.


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