All Ways

So I took yesterday off, as planned, but on Saturday I had a lot of difficulty writing. Guess I’m not quite perfect at this productivity thing. That goes double because my editing has been really slack lately, and I had fully intended to do a couple of chapters a day.

I’m not pressuring myself to produce at this exact moment, hence the blog post. The reason I decided it was okay to let up the pressure is my knowledge of what happens when I clamp down on myself to push forward. Notice how ‘clamp down’ and ‘push forward’ are opposite metaphors? I don’t make much headway when I overly pressure myself to write.


Work still needs to get done, but it will get done only if I can relax.

Perhaps this is just the second-week doldrums I suffered during the last book I wrote. That makes this my second chance to tackle the problem since I realized it existed as a pattern. I hope to beat the doldrums by brainstorming more and injecting the excitement I get from storming into the current story.

Last week, at the apex of my glorious charge through the first 20,000 words of the current work in progress, I had an appointment with a counselor. I’ve been talking to this counselor about my life (And my writing productivity) for over a year, but this time I really ran at the mouth with excitement about the current project. That excitement is still present, but it is beaten down at the moment.

Pause that thought. Insight just struck.

I think I need to refocus on the POV character in the scene I’m stuck on. I like this guy, a special agent with magical powers, raised since childhood for this role, along with the other members of his team. He has an addictive personality, which is something I need to bring out. This scene will be good for that.

Hmm… Anyway, back to counseling.

What I talked about with the counselor is the same sort of thing I just mentioned about adding more idea. This book is already packed with craziness, from giant human-controlled monsters to spirit possession to magical powers mixed with near-future technological advances. Even so, I think there is room for more ideas, if not ones that are so obvious in the story-world.

I think it’s time to give this another try.

Thanks for reading.


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