I have been working pretty solidly this week, except for Monday. The issue of creative work is one of taking ease. If I relax when I work things come out easier, and quite possibly better.

If I try to work so hard the work seems like ‘work’ I know I am doing it wrong.

My problem has been the fear of not working hard enough. For a long time, this felt like a catch 22 because I wouldn’t usually work while relaxing, and I couldn’t work if I stressed out. Over the past month or so, going to the coffee shop where I am now taking a break to write this blog post, has changed that.

So far this place sometimes makes me a bit nervous, but with a little extra nervousness has come a little more focus. The two may not be connected. The nervousness seems like a matter of the mild social anxiety I’ve had in the past. That said, when I was in college I did a lot of writing in the cafeteria on campus.

There is a major set of similarities between the coffee shop experience and the cafeteria experience. For one, there are people I don’t know around. For two there is free water and pricey food, so I can keep hydrated but not risk overeating when I should be at my keys.

There are probably more similarities, but those three are the most evident to me as factors that put me at ease to write.

And writing is difficult enough without having other obstacles. I find it’s more natural in places like these.

I hope you’re all well. Thanks for reading.


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