A Gentler Mind

I am a little behind my goals for the month. Well, a little behind on the rough drafting, and a good deal behind on the editing. To be honest, I’m not pushing myself. That, at least, is a win.

Those of you who haven’t picked this up from this blog (I’m not sure how clear I’ve been about it in the past) may well be wondering: Why do I say not pushing myself is a win? I don’t do well when I push myself, and I usually feel crappy when I do it, as well.

I’m not entirely sure why I feel this way, but it is definitely how I feel.

But the good news is that I’m being more gentle with myself lately. I haven’t felt the need to attack myself over my falling behind, or for my distractedness. Because I have gained this improved approach, I think I may be able to catch up on the things I’ve lost time on.

I’ve also been far more open to possibilities lately. That’s a gift I can see gains from all the time, and can foresee even more goodness emerging from in the future.

Thanks for reading.


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