Falsehoods and Uncertainty

I am not immune to the problem of jumping to conclusions. In fact, one might say I am especially vulnerable to it.

I’m trying to say that yesterday’s post wasn’t strictly true. I said to myself and everyone who could hear me: “I’m done with this book.”

But the words of Chuck Wendig kept hitting me. “You must finish what you start.”

And what’s more, I found myself saddened by the idea that I wouldn’t finish this book. Another lesson was masked behind what I thought I had been struggling to accept.

Between Wendig’s words and my own sadness, I have concluded that this book may be the best thing to work on right now. I’m still not certain. I think I’ll try some paring back and rebuilding and see what happens. Then, I’ll make a final decision.

As for today, I am happy not to finish 50,000 words this month in this project. It was both too new to me, and too familiar in concept for me to muster the excitement I needed for the NaNoWriMo goal.

Let the experiments continue, and thank all of you for reading.


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