Websites and Anger Nightmares

I worked on my (currently terrible) author website this morning, prior to leaving for the coffee shop. I have everything set up and hosted, but I’m having trouble getting the site I want up on the host. Anyway, that’s my background this morning. Editing will commence by 7 am, for certain.

Despite my certainty on the editing for the day, I have a bit of trouble going against me. Both last night and the night before I had anger nightmares.

Anger Nightmares are pretty much what they sound like. I have a terrifying and tempestuous series of dreams in which I am the angry monstrous force, usually irrationally focused on some specific name or person from my life. It’s terrible. I wake up feeling gross and disturbed.

Maybe it was listening to those well-meaning youtube news shows again that set me off.

Regardless, these dreams can really disrupt the following day. For now, I am still confident I can get through this, and not in a way that sounds like it belongs on Coheed and Cambria’s third (Their most famous and most brutal) album. With that reference that not many of you will likely understand, because I don’t really blog about music, I think it’s time to tackle this issue.

Have a good day, everyone. Treat each other well.

Thanks for reading.

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