Out-loud editing is going slower than I’d like thanks to a cold that still has me stuffed up, and the added distractions from working at home in the morning.

I’ve also been fooling around with rules for Roleplaying Games. So far, that’s not panning out as anything useful. Oh well.

I don’t honestly have much to say, except I want to complain about my most recently realized addiction: Youtube.

Back in college, I never thought I’d enjoy Youtube like other people do. Well, now I watch way too much crap on that site. A lot of that crap is political and makes me feel gross just for watching it. Everything I see online is suspect. Everything I see on TV is suspect. I’m left to wonder: Why bother learning about current events at all? Everything can be spun and messed with to the benefit of the presenters’ viewpoint.

Also, nobody on youtube seems to agree with my mild stances. Everyone’s a zealot or they fade away. I hope my modest following on this blog won’t fade for mentioning this.

One last thing, a change of subject. In case you haven’t seen my tweets lately, I have released my two short stories using draft2digital’s partners (Except ibooks, because I’m too lazy to change the book files to remove Amazon links at the moment). I’m no longer exclusive with Amazon, but I don’t want to bombard you with links, so here is a list of the sites where you can find “Ludosensitivity” and “Stolen Parts” at the moment.

Barnes & Noble
Page Foundry

I’ve also submitted to 24Symbols but haven’t gotten into their catalog yet.

So, look up those titles if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading.


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