Can-Do, Will Do

I’ve been busy since I returned home from vacation.

As of this moment I have drafted and reviewed an outline and a lot of notes for my new serial project, fixed admin issues at The website is still due for a fresh coat of paint and a lot of content over the course of the next week, and right now is mostly blank in preparation for rebuilding. I have also been happier with what little chore management I have, and personal hygiene than I have been in a while.

Hell, I’ve even been making my bed before it’s time to sleep in it. Yes, it’s sort of painful to admit that last one. I’d attribute this change to my twin brother’s advice during vacation. That is, he told me to do simple things without complaint. I was pretty miserable at the time because I was realizing how truly lazy I have been in the past. Then I went to LA and had a break from just about everything.

Now I am home. I am done spinning my wheels. I’m not afraid of losing time to ‘distractions’ like the chores and ordinary human things I noted above. Being less clingy to my time has, ironically, given me more energy, rather than draining it away. I should have known something like this would happen, but I didn’t. I needed my brother to be disgusted with my whining and laziness to set me in motion.

I only realized the source of this new can-do attitude as I wrapped up some issues with my website a half hour ago. I have a lot of reasons to be excited for the year developing around me, and high on the list is the fact that busy-ness is a tool to work with, as well as a side-effect of joyful work.

Hope you’re all doing as well!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for developments both here, and over at


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