Patrons, Serials, and Good Feelings

I started a patreon page for the serial project which starts releasing next week!

The video I recorded is a bit rough, but hey, I’m a writer, not a speaker.

You can check out that page here:

Now, I really like the idea of doing a serial fiction project. I’ve had this in mind for quite a while. Now I am finally starting this one. It will be free on my website at (One chapter a week, released each Friday), and on this blog (Also released on Friday). The patreon supporters will get more special stuff each week as well, and I will be releasing it in collected ebook forms as I hit the ends of story arcs in the weekly story.

I’m happy to finally be getting more work out there, and though I should share the terms here, especially so you folks won’t be all confused once fiction starts popping up on this page.

I had a great week. Those of you know me or follow me on twitter or facebook likely figured that out. I’ve been working hard and having fun. I set up sites, outlined and started writing the serial project I just discussed above.

And I’m feeling good about my prospects pushing toward the release of the first novel in my Maker Mythos series later that month. That book goes by the title Hunter and Seed, and should be out around January 25th in ebook (Amazon and several other formats) and soon after that in print from Createspace.

I am excited, working effectively, and just generally happy.

I owe much of this to the vacation I went on over New Years. I’m doing my best to take precautions to keep this way, or find my way back here if I lose this attitude. Life is good.

I’m happy for everyone who is used to reading this blog and seeing me whine. I hope you won’t mind a shift in tone because I can’t whine when I feel like this.

Thanks for reading.


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