Cold Nerves and Expectations

I walked down to the coffee shop in what I suspect were sub-zero temperatures this morning. It’s important to persevere, and I’m trying to work harder. I work at the coffee shop. I needed to go, and not a minute later than I did.

Things are going well with the work.

I am one draft away from releasing the first novel in my contemporary fantasy series, The Maker Mythos. That will likely mean a day or two of intense work, but then it will be ready.

My serial fantasy novel, Tenlyres is set to launch its first chapter this Friday. That’s the story and the world I want to tell you about today.

In Tenlyres, a warrior priestess of a preserver deity must cross a dangerous plateau to rescue a spiritual figure about to be caught up in an oncoming war.

Tenlyres takes place in a world of naturally occurring computers and biological engineering, a world also home to a few kinds of magic. Despite the magic and the fact that my the protagonist, Ilsa, is a priestess, she is not a spellcaster that you could find in Dungeons and Dragons. Magic is weird in Tenlyres, and the gods people pray too are distant, not having much to do with any of the systems.

For that reason, even faithful people in this world have doubt. (Sounds a little like Earth, doesn’t it?)

The technology in Tenlyres is simultaneously lower and higher than that of our modern world. People do not fully understand how to construct their own computers, but can interface with living computers based on plants and animals. They engineer giant steeds to take people off-road and across the vast plateau of Yr where the story is set.

This sort of setting is one I find fascinating because it does not dispense with some of the major assumptions from Earth, important among those being uncertainty and limitations.

I will share the rest with you through the story. Friday. It’s coming.

Thanks for reading.


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