Release the Books! Unleash the Serials!

First off today, a bit of news. It may be redundant because I’ve made a little noise about it on other social media.

I’m releasing a book! Kinda already released it, because it is now up for pre-order on

The name of the book is Hunter and Seed. It’s the first story released in my Maker Mythos series, and I’m very proud of it. Find out more about it on my website at where I have the series pitch. Or you can just pre-order it at if you love contemporary fantasy or action-adventure stories with a lot of weird elements.

Though Hunter and Seed is the first book in what I hope to be a long series, I am also in the process of launching a serialized fantasy novel, called Tenlyres. That will be taking over this feed on Fridays. Right now, read the pitch is at the Tenlyres page on where I describe some of the stuff that got me so excited to return to the keyboard over New Years.

And if you want to join my new release mailing list you can always do that at (Fourth link’s the charm, right?). Later today you’ll be able to read the Tenlyres pitch on that last link.

The work is just pouring out! I love it. This January has been a joy so far. I’ve been smiling and laughing a lot since New Years. Maybe that’s why I feel so good about these upcoming releases.

This blog is not to be left by the wayside, despite my snazzy new website and all these releases. I’ll keep posting about my process and talking about my feelings. I love posting here, and I love knowing you folks are reading. Hope all the plugs in this one don’t drive you away. That about does it.

As always, thanks for reading.


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