Hunter and Seed (And Milestones)

My novel, Hunter and Seed, is out!

Also, today is the 500th post on this blog since I started backing up my blog posts. I did about 150-some posts prior that point, but I think of the last 500 posts as the meat of this blog.

Why do I bring these two up together except for their temporal proximity? There is a reason.

Hunter and Seed is based on the same story universe as a novel I finished writing in early 2011. Back then I was a junior in college and the book I wrote at the time shows it. That novel was over 100,000 words long, and I had thrown out an opening of around 20,000 before I even began that one. I don’t like that book anymore, especially compared to this new one.

The reasons that novel was such a failure for me, come down to the fact that, at the time, I did not know what I wanted. That novel was trying too hard to be ‘true to life’ and ‘literary’ at the same time. I missed most of the things I’ve always wanted in my stories as a reader and a writer.

I like adventure stories. I like romantic stories (Both in the contemporary and older sense of that word). I wanted to create series in this pretty crazy universe I had devised, but I made a big mistake in the book in 2011. My mistake was not getting to the stuff I loved in that setting in the first book.

I am proud to report that Hunter and Seed will not have the problems I just mentioned. The whole book is an adventurous chase, with some sexual tension between characters, and all takes place in the heart of the setting I wanted to explore. I love this book. I’ll be bold and say I think you might as well.

Barnes and Noble
Hunter and Seed is also available a few other places: Tolino, Scribd, Page Foundry, and 24Symbols. Whew! That’s a lot of publishing. The Paperback will be on CreateSpace soon, as well.

I had my 26th birthday just a few days ago. Today is my first book birthday, and I appreciate all your support.

Thanks for reading.


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