It’s Red, It’s Black, It’s Blue

I just hammered out another chapter for this serial novel. This one will release on Friday. I am pleased to announce I am enjoying this book immensely though I sometimes have to work harder to spark that excitement over the past 10 weeks.

Tenlyres is getting, even more, fun and I’m now a quarter of the way through this rough draft.

Colors are proving important to this story. Hell, I could have expected this part of the story if I had thought about it.

Red and Black are scattered throughout this most recent chapter. Stay red. Black Powder. It’s all pretty obvious now.

Come on, one of the main characters is named Blue.

Anyway, I like the way color-coding of a sort is making me think about this story in the process.

In other news, I am enjoying twitter more and more with every passing day. Being open on twitter is as much fun as chatting with everyone on this blog, just a bit more brief.

I still have writing in the other book to do today. I’m thinking I can get myself out of a bit of the funk I sometimes get into in starting scenes by considering different approaches to each point of action along the story. Even if I don’t take the routes I consider in the actual book, considering them makes the story better.

That happened with this latest Tenlyres chapter. I thought the chapter would be one thing initially, then got hung up on not wanting to do that. I considered a few different options over the weekend as I tried to write the second scene in the chapter (In a near panic, truthfully). When I wrote that scene over the last hour or so, I took a path I had not consciously considered.

I want to get better at being conscious of what way I want to go, but at the moment, a lot of decisions get made without careful input. This happens to me a fair amount. Option A, B, C… I choose Option 2! Yes, that’s not on the list. That’s the point.

Well, it seems to be working. I have some nice reviews on my novel Hunter and Seed up over at Amazon as of the weekend. They are making me quite happy.

A little bit of positivity goes a long way.

I hope you all have a good day.

Thanks for reading!


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