A Return to Podcasting and Hobbies?

I love listening to podcasts, and I really want to do one of my own. I’ve started a solo show called “Live After Writing” in the recent past but got stressed out by the production schedule and lack of subject matter without someone to help bounce ideas around.

Live After Writing was a show I planned to produce after writing sessions, kinda as a reward to myself, but I didn’t focus on how much fun I would have.

Well, I think I’m going to bring it back, but as something even more relaxed (if you can believe it) than it was originally. I’m not gonna have a schedule, despite what everyone who gives that very valid advice on podcasts suggests. I just don’t have the energy to do that and write the multiple projects I have on the burner.

However, I still hope to produce at least one show a week. I might occasionally reach out to other writers of all levels to chat with them, but to be honest, I really want to do a show for practice and to build my skills at talking.

I know this isn’t exactly a glowing self-recommendation, but I have enough trouble treating my fiction as a career. I don’t want to make more by requiring weekly time to a podcast. Lately, I’ve started to think that with hobby projects (Like this podcast) it is better to do something poorly than to not do it at all.

This could also apply to my derelict miniatures collection. Hmm… Anyway, I am happy to say that a hobby where I stress about how well I do every stage is a lot less joyful and inspiring to me than one where I just focus on having fun.

A bit of advice from me to me. “Don’t beat yourself up over stuff.” Heck, that may be useful for everyone.

Chapter 4 of Tenlyres is all set to drop tomorrow. Hope you’re all doing well this week.

Thanks for reading.


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